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Cue the 2nd line music; Preseason is officially over for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints ended things on a high note, beating the Miami Dolphins 7-0 in front of a hometown crowd. Marques Colston and Devery Henderson were among the few starters who took the field in the fourth and final preseason game.

While it was nice to see the Defense force a shut out, the real story is rookie Pierre Thomas, who showed all the signs of a triple threat. Thomas rushed for 81 yards and a touchdown, racked up 47 receiving yards and even made a big play on special teams. The trick will be finding a way to fit Thomas into the Saints already crowded corps of running backs.

As for Miami, well they can pride themselves in the fact that they didn’t get manhandled like Mississippi State against LSU. As we predicted, the spankin’ in Starkville got ugly long before the second half.
Final Score: Tigers 45 Bulldogs: Zilch

Next up for the Saints, the Big Kahuna aka the regular season opener against the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts. It’s (Sean) Payton vs Peyton (Manning) in a battle of wits. Set your Tivos people. You just might be in for a preview of Super Bowl XLII.


August 29, 2007

Today we find ourselves faced with two options:
Option 1: Write a depressing post about the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina while drawing parallels between the Saints resurgence and New Orleans’ recovery.

Option 2: Dig up some videos that truly capture the spirit of our city, the resilience of its people, and the pride we have for our team.

We went with option 2.

Where Y’at?

We Takin’ Over

The Saints are Coming

The Way We Live…

Less Nancy Grace, More Football

Mission #1: Make it through a week of football without having to mention the name of a certain embattled quarterback.
Mission #2: Forgive ESPN for spending more time doing commentary on said quarterback during Monday night’s football game than actually showing the game.
Mission #3: Ask our Saints for forgiveness for the temporary diversion of attention to an unnamed enemy team and it’s (fallen) star player.
Mission #4: Get pumped about the fact that tomorrow we can watch the first round of football games that actually count toward a team’s record.

Yes, we realize the NFL season doesn’t officially start until September 6th which is a whole week away. (We’re Chicks, we’re not stupid…no matter how bad Ms. Teen South Carolina made us look.) Tomorrow marks the long awaited return of College Football, the pacifier of sorts for those of us NFL junkies who can’t help but whine about the tawdry tease that is preseason.

While tomorrow’s NCAA lineup won’t exactly feature any must watch rivalries on par with the likes of say UCLA v USC, we will get our first glimpse at #2 LSU’s beefed up squad. The Tigers take on Mississippi State in what is sure to be a beat down before you’ve gulped down your first beer. Though the Chicks love a good butt kickin as much as the next guy, we’ll have to skip this one as the Saints will be delivering a beat down of their own versus the Dolphins in the Dome. And as much as we’re over preseason, we’re NEVER over watching our Saints, no matter how frustrating it is to note that the efforts of their spellbinding offense will count for nought.

This week also signals something else sure to capture the attention of Saints fans everywhere. It’s the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. With that said, we may need to skip our pregame tradition of hard liquor and stick to beers, or things might get real ugly, real fast…