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And the Sexiest Woman Alive is….


Tom Brady?!   

Confused?  Let’ the folks at Awful Announcing  make it all better.


Sideline Sexy: Erin “The Legs” Andrews


She puts the “back” in “back to you in the studios”,  the “score” in scoreboard, and the “tight end” in, well, tight end.  The highly esteemed Playboy magazine has named ESPN’s Erin Andrews “America’s Sexiest Sportscaster.”   Continue reading

Chick Sips: DUI in a Cadillac Williams Pirate Punch!


It’s no secret, we chicks love our booze.  Usually we stick with beer on game day.  But after the Rams debacle, we turned to tequila.   This Sunday, with playoff hopes and a division title possibly on the line, we can’t rely on just any old alcohol based combination to get us through the big game.  So, we’re whipping up a special recipe guaranteed to keep our spirits up and bring those Buccaneers down!

Warning:  Recipe may cause impromptu hook-ups, uncontrollable rage, and slurred Who Dat chants.  Continue reading

The Miles High Club


The body’s not even cold and yet Michigan has already stepped up its game to court LSU head coach Les Miles.  A report on NOLA.com confirms that LSU’s athletic director gave Michigan the ok to interview Les after Saturday’s SEC Championship game.  (Why waste time…maybe they should conduct the interview on the sidelines at halftime.) 

In Les’ defense, at least he hasn’t denied an interest in the Michigan job, unlike Little Nicky Saban.  So will he go or will he stay?  Well, he’s from Michigan and taking the job would make him one of the highest paid coaches in the country.  With that said, anybody wanna join me in pouring out a little liquor to say goodbye? 

First Saban, now Les.  Why does this keep happening to LSU?  Maybe it’s because the school’s athletic director isn’t putting enough energy into finding homegrown (see: loyal) coaching talents.  As for the future of the Tigers, the team will lose 25 seniors after this season.  That means we Tiger fans have 26 reasons to drink heavily starting Saturday.

Why the BCS Can Suck It!


Here’s the old news: the BCS is an unreliable, unpredictable, and plain old un-smart (yeah, I know that’s not a word) way to determine the best team in NCAA football.

Here’s the new news: the BCS can suck it!

BCS (which stands for Bogus Crap Shoot) is a system based on statistical figures and polls used to determine college football rankings.  It ultimately decides who will play in which BCS bowl game, which team gets ranked where, and who goes head to head in the National Championship game.  The system has been in place since 1998.  That’s also about the time when fans of one team or another started realizing they were getting “Al Gored” out of a title that was rightfully theirs. Continue reading



By now you’ve already heard the story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still chuckle over it. A former cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ex-contestant on the less violent yet equally disturbing version of “Flavor of Love” known as “The Bachelor” got tossed in the slammer. Was it for a crime of common sense for ever agreeing to marry a man based on a rose ceremony? No my friends. This cheerleader is accused of going b-a-n-a-n-a-s and punching her live-in boyfriend in the mouth in a drunken rage. Inexcusable, unless of course that rage was brought on by LSU’s loss and said boyfriend kept making pig noises to taunt her.

A former Buccaneers cheerleader goes “buc”-wild the week before the team is set to take on the Saints. Gotta mean good news for us, right?

Below are this week’s power rankings.

1. That Boston Team: Just when I was about to uncork my champagne with the ’72 Dolphins, you bastards pulled it out in the end.

2. Packers: Beating up on the Lions has got to get old after a while.

3. Cowboys: When the cheeseheads come to town, your swiss cheese defense is going down.

4. Colts: It’s a sad day when not even the Falcons are afraid to show up against you.

5. Jaguars: As good as you may be, you still won’t win the division.

6. Steelers: 3 points on a crappy field does not a champion make.

7. Bucs: Tell your cheerleaders not to bring their Rocky-like antics to the N.O. The Chicks don’t play that!

8. Browns: What can Brown do for me? How bout shock the world and make the playoffs.

9. Chargers: Your running game is a shell of its former self and  yet you’re still finding ways to win.

10. Seahawks: Oh how we just love the thought of kicking your ass in the playoffs.

15. Saints: They’re ranked 2nd among the 700 NFC teams with a 5-6 record.  That’s gotta mean something, right?

Click Here for a list of teams not worthy of our time. 

Sean Taylor: 1983-2007



I considered writing an introspective, serious, and carefully constructed piece on the murder of Sean Taylor.  Then, I realized someone had already done it…and way better than I ever could.