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The Miles High Club


The body’s not even cold and yet Michigan has already stepped up its game to court LSU head coach Les Miles.  A report on NOLA.com confirms that LSU’s athletic director gave Michigan the ok to interview Les after Saturday’s SEC Championship game.  (Why waste time…maybe they should conduct the interview on the sidelines at halftime.) 

In Les’ defense, at least he hasn’t denied an interest in the Michigan job, unlike Little Nicky Saban.  So will he go or will he stay?  Well, he’s from Michigan and taking the job would make him one of the highest paid coaches in the country.  With that said, anybody wanna join me in pouring out a little liquor to say goodbye? 

First Saban, now Les.  Why does this keep happening to LSU?  Maybe it’s because the school’s athletic director isn’t putting enough energy into finding homegrown (see: loyal) coaching talents.  As for the future of the Tigers, the team will lose 25 seniors after this season.  That means we Tiger fans have 26 reasons to drink heavily starting Saturday.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t think there are any adequate homegrown candidates, unless you want to loosely apply the term to Jack O’ The River. I wouldn’t want LSU to hire a lesser qualified “good ole boy” anyway. I shudder to think about LSU having a head coach who isn’t getting the job done, but won’t leave and you can’t fire him because of who he is.

    Also, remember that when Saban was hired, LSU wasn’t that great of a gig. LSU had been down for the better part of two decades. All the local talent was going elsewhere. Etc. Only after Saban changed that did the LSU gig become really attractive to top-tier candidates. But because Saban waited so long to go, LSU was left in a bit of a jam finding a replacement.

    I believe, I really do, that LSU would have gotten interest from Urban Meyer and Steve Spurrier, had Saban shat/got-off-the-pot a few weeks earlier. But by the time Saban decided, Meyer was at Florida and Spurrier was at USC. Either would surely still be here. Missed it by just a couple weeks.

    Given the circumstances, with it already being January, I have to think that Miles was probably the best candidate left available. Obviously the Michigan thing was a thing right from day one. But I think you have to take your chance with the best candidate available. Maybe the Michigan job never comes open. Maybe the ensuing three years changes his mind about going if it does. If that doesn’t work and he goes, move on to the next guy.

    Fortunately Miles turned out to be a good hire, capable of keeping the train rolling, and the LSU gig is still one of the best in the country. If the next guy turns out to be Del Rio, I think he loosely qualifies as “homegrown” and will be here for a long time as long as he’s successful. If it’s another short-timer, no problem, as long as he’s a good one. If LSU can sustain this level of success, they’ll eventually find the right guy at the right time to stay long-term.

  2. Oh Wang, you always know how to bring us back to solid ground when our emotions get the best of us. while i do agree that we should always go for the best candidate and never settle, i think it would just make sense for LSU to do what Michigan is doing. They should look for homegrown talented coaches who may have branched out and are finding success in other programs. I definitely think del rio can count as pseudo home grown considering his tenure with the Saints. my main goal is long term stability for my tigers. plus, what the hell am i gonna do with all those “Les is More” shirts once Miles hits the bricks?

  3. Holy crap.

    Oh my.

    Hot damn.

    Looks like we’re in good shape babe.

    Woo………………….. hoo?

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