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Hit and Quit it  Tuesdays

Hit It!

Pierre at last, Pierre at last.  Thank God almighty, you put in Pierre at last! 

Quit It!

Olindo Mare, what the hell was that “field goal” attempt?  I mean don’t worry, no one on my couch anticipated you’d actually make a 57 yarder, especially considering we hold our collective breath on every extra point attempt.  But still, did you have to make it look so ugly and impossible?  That thing looked like an onside kick for Payton’s sake. 

Hit It!

When you’re hot Drew, you’re smokin’!  Do that against the Bucs and we’re golden. 

Quit It!

So you didn’t get burned too bad this week #42.  But you did miss a couple tackles and were responsible for a 41 yard pass interference play.  That’s enough to keep you on our “quit” list. 

Hit It!

Defensive line, you’re always the cherry on top of my Sunday.  But I gotta shout out the secondary play this week too.  You got three picks and could have racked up a few more.  What impressed me most is that you actually made a play on the ball.  

Quit It!

Droppin it like it’s hot-Good on the dance floor

Droppin it like it’s hot-Bad when you’re a Saints wide receiver and the “it” is a football. 

Hit List:

The Eagles for scaring the bee-jezus out of the Pats.

Devin Hester for reminding punters everywhere how stupid it is to kick the ball in his direction.

Browns for ever so quietly becoming a threat in the AFC.  

Quit List:

Quarterback controversy in Philly: over it!  This team’s success doesn’t boil down to A.J. versus Donovan.  It’s about Coach Reid working Westbrook into the offense when McNabb’s in the same way he does when McNabb’s out.

Jason Campbell, I let you slide last week when you cost your team the win with that red zone interception against Dallas.  But to repeat history against the Bucs on Sunday was unforgivable.

Kart Warner for passing for 500 yards against San Francisco and still somehow costing his team the game in overtime.


The Saints are Tricking Us , Back , For Real Still Alive


The Saints are back…right?  The Saints are going on a winning streak into the playoffs…right?  They’ve learned the error of their ways…right?  RIGHT?!  

For once, we’d like to proudly admit we have no freaking clue.  Did they look good against the Panthers?  In the second half: most certainly.  But in the first half, in that dreaded first half, we braced ourselves for another kick to the gut courtesy of a lackluster, uninspired, disappointing offense.  Then, they came alive.  They were polished and relentless and accurate and awe-inspiring, and 2006-ish all over again.  They finally stopping treating Carolina’s rag-tag team like ferocious Panthers and more like the wounded, three legged kitty cats they truly are. Continue reading

Saints Go to Charlotte…


and make it rain!

New Orleans 31  Carolina 6

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!


When the Saints faced the Carolina Panthers back in early October, they were: in the midst of a losing streak, having problems with turnovers and trying to figure out where that high-powered offense had gone. Despite having turned things around midseason, today we face the Panthers once again in the midst of a losing streak, having problems with turnovers and trying to figure out where that high-powered offense has gone. Are we Saints fans just having a bad dream? Or is this frightening flashback all courtesy of too much tequila with the extra worm?

Vinny Testaverde is still starting in the NFL? It must be the tequila..

Testaverde has been playing since Ronald Reagan was in office and the Care Bears were popular the first time around. He’s still got a head for football but must have a bod full of formaldehyde. He’s played for Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Baltimore, Dallas, New England and the Jets two different times. He answered the call from Carolina after Jake Delhomme and David Carr were both injured. Testaverde has won only one of the games he’s started while losing the other three but Panthers’ head coach, John Fox, seems to have more confidence in the 44-year old than in Carr. Testaverde is now their designated starter for the rest of the season if he can stay healthy.

Jason David is still getting picked on? Damn that tequila!

The cornerback position in the NFL is one of the toughest. You go unnamed if you do well and get noticed for all the wrong reasons if you are having a bad game. Jason David has replaced Fred Thomas as the pass defender Saints’ fans love to heap scorn upon. But the Chicks contend that it’s not all David’s fault. Opposing teams are forced to pass against us because the Saint run defense is still the only group playing with consistency. And when the ball is regularly up in the air, David can only get so much help over the top from the safeties. David does make mistakes, many many mistakes, but we also have to look at the schemes being called by the coaching staff as another part of the problem plaguing the Saints’ secondary.

The Saints are still struggling late in the season? Another round of tequila for everyone!

Historically, the Saints have never been a team that made things easy on themselves or their devoted fans. This week the Black & Gold faithful will find out if the Saints are the scrappy band of brothers that climbed back from 0-4 to win four in a row or the addled bunch that lost to the Rams and the Texans. If the happy, scrappy guys make an appearance, then we are still in the playoff hunt. If the addled and rattled faction shows up, then Saints fans will be weathering another long and drunken December.

The Chicks believe the feisty Saints take the field in Carolina on Sunday. Old Vinny will face a rejuvenated Saints pass rush. Drew Brees returns to winning form thanks to more sure-handed receivers and a running game that mixes it up nicely taking advantage of Reggie, Pierre and Aaron.

Chicks Prediction: Saints 28 – Panthers 17

By Chick-A-Dee 

10 Reasons the Chicks Give Thanks

We are thankful that Black & Gold are an attractive color combination. (Imagine the nightmare Cleveland fan fashionistas endure trying to accessorize with that orange and brown. Yuck!)

We are thankful there is no such thing as the San Antonio Saints. (And if Benson and Rita know best, there never will be!)

We are thankful that we still have a chance this season unlike some teams. (Trust us on this one Miami; Ricky Williams is not going to help.)

We are thankful that the Tampa Bay game is at home and has been moved to 3:15PM. (More time to tailgate!)

We are thankful for Saintseester, Chef Who Dat, Jake Who Dat, Grandmaster Wang, Saints Rants, Word Nerd, Mean Lil Black and Gold Girl, The Sports Diva, and all our other new homies. (To those we may have missed, forgive us. We’ve already started drinking…)

We are thankful that we do not face the New England Patriots in the regular season. (We’ll worry about the post-season later.)

We are thankful that we have the Superdome as our stadium. (The Chicks don’t think it’s attractive to sweat or shiver while watching home games.)

We are thankful we get to play the Falcons again. (It assures us at least one more win this season.)

We are thankful not one Saints player has been lame enough to do the “Soulja Boy” after a touchdown. (Or if he did do it, that we missed it.)

We will always be thankful for the 2006 season.  Bless you boys!

Super Fly!

Bless you Jake, for turning me on to Saints Super Fan Fun!  I finally created my avatar, but I have no idea how to capture the image.  But feel free to check it out by clicking here…and don’t forget to make one of yourself!

I’d also like to say a special thank you to the Super Fan site for giving my avatar an excellent rack.

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings: Brought to you by Dave Matthews Band

It’s time to keep it real.  I’m a black chick who went to a mostly white high school where I found it comfortable to embace not only grunge music but the rock music my older sister let me sneak a listen to under the cover of night.  I came to know Def Leopard, Guns N Roses and Twisted Sister under her influence… and God bless her for it.  Were it not for her, I may have never been turned on to the likes of Dave Matthews Band, one of my all-time favorite artists, EVER!  

What’s so funny about them is that Dave is white (South African to be exact) and most of the band is black, but it’s still considered “white” music.  Go figure. And don’t get me wrong, I still like old school Cash Money Records and I can do the Soulja Boy on beat and I say “Ya Heard Me” when necessary, but I still love my DMB.

So what does all of this have to do with this week’s power rankings you ask?  Um, hello?  Ever heard of a song called “Crash into me”?  That’s what I feel like the Saints are doing…crashing into me.  Except, not in the sexual way that Dave meant.  More of a “planes into U.S. landmarks” sense, except more politcally correct.

Below are this week’s power rankings, as told by a bitter Nola Chick.

1. Patriots: Ugh!

2. Green Bay: Fine.

3. Cowboys : Hated it!

4. Colts: Who are you?

5. Giants: Die!

6. Jacksonville: Whatever!

7. Steelers: Who gives a F*#!

8. Bucs: As God as my witness, you will not win this division!

9. Browns: So what!

10. Titans: Way to not have a defense.  

16. Eagles: Will Feely be your Garcia?  

21. Saints: I can’t deal with you right now.  No seriously, you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.  No, I’m not kidding.  And yes, I did put my face cream on to turn you off.  And yes, I stopped wearing deodorant too.  No, I’m not seeing that guy from work, but even if I were, you deserve it.  I’m sick of being the only one who cares about this relationship.  If we don’t get help soon, I’m calling my lawyer.  And I swear if your ass doesn’t win this weekend, you’ll rue the day you didn’t make me sign that prenup!

 Click here for a list of teams not worthy of our time.