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Trading Spaces: Free Agency Day 1


The Saints did what we hoped they’d do in the first day of free agency by signing a defensive player; it just wasn’t the one we expected him to sign.  The team snagged NY Jets Lineman Jonathan Vilma in exchange for a draft pick.  He’ll join the likes of Scott Fujita, Mark Simoneau, and Scott Shanle to beef up the Saints front four.  Continue reading


Look Before You Leap


It’s February 29th, a day that only comes once every Leap Year.  Legend has it that today is the only day of the year when a woman is allowed to propose to a man.  It’s also the day when hundreds of brides line up outside Filene’s basement looking to get a good deal on a discounted wedding dress. 

Leap day, a day of courting and good deals.   Oh yeah, and it’s also Free Agent Friday.  That can’t be a coincidence. 

The question of who the Saints might be courting is really a question of what the Saints need.  Yes, we need a secondary.  Sure, we could use another good wide receiver, as Colston can’t keep doing it alone.  But we also need some help with our defensive front four.  Sure our O-line can be a little inconsistent, but not enough to load off a bunch of salary cap dough on a talented free agent.  Continue reading

Chick Clicks

We’re scouring the web for juicy goodness…so you can spend less time pretending to work. 

Stephon Marbury’s got some splainin’ to do.(Bossip)

Good breakdown of the Saints’ salary cap picture. (Nola)

 Covering the combine, more misses than hits. 

The Prodigal Son returns.(Moosedenied)

Why the Chicks are breaking out their leg warmers. (Saintsations)

The Sports Diva uncovers some juicy gossip on the owner of a Bucs fan mag.

Chick Chattin With Deuce: Part Deux


So remember a few long months ago, before the Giants shocked the world, T.O. teared up, and LSU made Mike Huckabee believe in miracles, when a few lowly Chicks pledged to bring thier dedicated readers closer to one Dulymus McAllister?  It turned out, a few days before we were scheduled to interview Deuce, he sustained a season-ending injury in a Monday night debacle against the Titans.  Out of respect for his injury and recovery, we postponed the interview and waited for #26 to get back on his feet.  Well, that time has come and we’re once again putting out the call to have your questions answered by the man himself!

We know there’s something you die-hards out there have been dying to know. Here’s your chance to get your questions answered. Just email the chicks your questions for Deuce or leave them in our comments section. We’ll post the answers to the best questions on the site once the interview takes place. Be sure to include your name in the e-mail so we can give you credit for your oh-so-insightful query.   We’ll also email you a heads up on when the interview and Q & A will be posted.  Now excuse us while go practice our “we’re so not gushing tone” in the mirror. 

The Other NFL Shop


The Black Friday of football season is just a few days away.  It’s free agency baby! Come Friday, everyone from Asante Samuel to Randy Moss to Bengals Defensive End Justin Smith will be up for grabs.  And you’d better believe some NFL owners are gearing up for this day like those ferocious women who camp outside Filene’s Basement for the “Running of the Brides.” 

Who do the Saints hope to scoop up in their shopping spree?  Well, let’s just say they need a wide receiver like I need yet another pair of black stilettos.  So no matter how sexy Randy Moss might look in our offensive closet, it’s best we put our money where our true weakness lies: on defense.   Of all the defensive free agents up for grabs, Asante Samuel looks like the most attractive candidate to plug our secondary holes.  The Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl champ is better than Jason David and Fred Thomas combined.  In fact, something tells me you could bind Asante’s hands and feet, slip him a roofie, and make Gumbo the dog sit on his chest, and he’d still have a better shot at catching a pick than our current roster of burnt like toast corners.  

Of course, scoring a hot commodity like Asante is like uncovering a pair of adorable Christian Louboutin Metallic Bow Pumps in the 70% off bin at Marshalls.  It’s a glorious stroke of luck that only seems to happen to the rich bitch burning a hole in Daddy’s credit card on her way to the country club.  Besides, there are plenty of other teams who think our perfect pair of pumps a.k.a Asante would be a good fit.  The Jets need help in the backfield and they’d probably just love to face their division rival Patriots twice a year with one of the Pats’ former stars.   

Other rich bitches said to be digging through our sale bin include the Browns, Dolphins, Falcons, Giants, and Eagles.  With so many teams opening up their purses, you’d better believe there will be nothing discounted about the price tag Samuel will set to be lured away from the Patriots.  There’s talk he could want a 10-year, $100 million deal with $30 million guaranteed up front.  (So much for our 70% off analogy.)  It’s clear the Saints have the capacity to make offseason moves to afford Samuel.  The question remains, does Asante come in our size?   

And the Draft Pick Goes To…


 It’s Oscar Sunday, so why am I watching the NFL Combine? Shouldn’t I be hypnotized by the repetitive red carpet inquries of ‘Who are you wearing?’ Shouldn’t I be counting down to the awkward Jon Stewart joke that inspires faint giggles among the way too sober Hollywood A-listers? The real question is, why should I waste a good 3+ hours of my life soaking in something I can find out about on the internet in a matter of 5 minutes. After all, there’s schweaty young mens running around on the NFL network,   although sadly, none are shirtless.  (Stupid NFL and its new rules.)

Since I do “loves” my award shows, I can’t resist flipping back and forth. (I’m having my Oscar and scouting it too.) And as it turns out, some of this year’s top movies have a lot more in common with this year’s draft class than you might think.
Continue reading

Win a Date with Zach Thomas


By now you’ve probably heard that veteran linebacker Zach Thomas veteran was released last week by the Miami Dolphins.  Maybe it was his injury-plagued 2007 season, maybe it was his age (34) or maybe Bill Parcells, the Dolphins’ new executive vice president of football operations, just didn’t want to show him the money.  Regardless of the “why”, Zach can now officially consider himself a member of  NFLMatch.com. He has dates set up around the league; even one with the New Orleans Saints.   Continue reading