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Money Talks or BCS Walks…

BCS Commissioners a.k.a. the money-grubbing whores who make the decisions in college football, have rejected a proposal for a four game playoff system, thereby guaranteeing Ohio State will have another opportunity to get its ass whooped in prime time.  The decision was made as the whores prepare to renegotiate television contracts for Bowl games. 


Under the proposal, the top four ranked teams would take part in two semifinal games.  The winners of those games would then play for the national title.  But the commissioners say they think a playoff system in college football would be complicated and yucky (see: less profitable) so they’ve opted to stick with the current format.  The biggest resistance came from the big dopes in the Big 12.  Shocking.


But what do you think.   Does the current BCS system boil down to little more than a Big Crappy Suckfest or do you think a playoff system would eliminate the competitive nature of college football?  Go ahead, let it out…


Trojan Man

Sure draft day had about as many surprises as the end of a Jennifer Lopez movie, but what mattered at the end of the day was that just like J. Lo, the Saints got their man. Sedrick Ellis of USC will join the squad as the hotshot defensive tackle that could finally solve the Saints’ pass rush problems. He’s got the versatility, speed, and strength needed to create some pressure up front while taking some heat off the secondary (a.k.a. saving Jason David’s sad ass from a public flogging.)

And it seems the Jason David nightmare could be over for another reason. That’s because the Saints also drafted a corner from Indiana in the second round, Tracy Porter. The former Hoosier had six interceptions and four pass breakups last season and is considered a playmaker in man coverage situations. If he can actually make a play on the ball without wasting time peeking into the backfield, he’s instantly got my vote for a starting gig.

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Chick Chattin’ With Vilma

Nothing whets a chick’s appetite more than fresh meat!  Just don’t tell that to the Saints’ newest defensive stud-muffin Jonathan Vilma.  Without even having to show off any “T&A”, Vilma has guaranteed the chicks some qualtity “Q&A”.  And since we know we’re not the only ones who want to know a lil sumphin-sumphin, we’re giving you a chance to get all up in Vilma’s grill.  (Sorry, when to sleep with MTV on.)

Just email the Chicks your questions for Vilma or leave them in the comments section. We’ll post the answers to the best questions on the site once the interview takes place. Be sure to include your name in the e-mail so we can give you credit for your oh-so-insightful query. You can make your questions as professional or profane as you please.   (Chef Who Dat, put your thinkin’ cap on…)


Feeling the Draft


There’s a chill in the air and our nipples are perked: there must be a draft headed this way!  NFL draft day is now less than five days away.  And just like a boys’ locker room on the eve of prom night, the testosterone is high and the rumors of potential hookups are swirling!


So who are the Saints courting for the “big dance?”  Everyone’s got their guesses.  If you believe Bobby Hebert, it’s linebacker Keith Rivers of USC.  If you believe NFL network, they’re trading up to get a shot at LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey.  And if you believe random sports forum dude who calls himself “cd12holden”, they’ll trade down with Philly to get Lito Shepherd and with the 19th overall pick take U of Miami safety Kenny Phillips.  (As if…)


We wouldn’t possibly feign to know how this thing will go down come Saturday.  After all, the Loomis wants what it wants.  All we can say for sure is that if they draft anything OTHER than a defensive player, someone in the Saints’ front office is taking a gold-plated fleur-de-lis book end straight to the pupil.     


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A Not-So-Giant Wedding


Ladies, they’re dropping like flies.  First Deuce McAllister tied the knot, now Eli Manning is dragging around an old ball and chain. 

Elisha reportedly jumped the broom over the weekend in Mexico.  (I thought only poor folk like us did destination weddings…)  Manning married his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew in front of 40 of their closest friends and family members.  His brothers Cooper and Peyton shared best men duties.  (Despite Eli’s best efforts, his brother Peyton still beat him out for the title of wedding MVP as voted by the guests, pastor, and paparazzi disguised as palm trees.)  

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“Ew” Dat!


There are plenty of places I want to see a fleur-de-lis.  On a man’s hairy crotch is NOT one of them.  While recently searching for Saints gear on eBay, I stumbled upon an interesting (see: disturbing) lingerie item at an online store called the PM Treasure Chest.  The item up for bid, a Men’s New Orleans Saints G-String.  Here’s the description:


This is a brand new custom-made men’s New Orleans Saints g-string. It made with 100% cotton material. Lined for comfort. The size is one size fits most (medium to large). Come out and root for your favorite football team!

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Schedule Schmedule

After glancing at the Saints newly released schedule, I can’t help but wonder: Why can’t we go 15-1? Before completely shooting me down, go ahead and glance at the lineup below?

WEEK 1 Sept. 7, vs Tampa Bay, Noon
WEEK 2 Sept. 14, at Washington, Noon
WEEK 3 Sept 21, at Denver, 3:05 p.m.
WEEK 4 Sept. 28, vs San Francisco, Noon
WEEK 5 Oct. 6, vs Minnesota, 7:30 p.m.
WEEK 6 Oct 12, vs Oakland, Noon
WEEK 7 Oct. 19, at Carolina, Noon
WEEK 8 Oct. 26, vs San Diego in London, Noon
WEEK 10 Nov. 9, at Atlanta, Noon
WEEK 11 Nov. 16, at Kansas City, Noon
WEEK 12 Nov. 24, vs Green Bay, 7:30 p.m.
WEEK 13 Nov. 30, at Tampa Bay, Noon
WEEK 14 Dec. 7, vs Atlanta, Noon
WEEK 15 Dec. 11 at Chicago, 7:15 p.m.
WEEK 16 Dec. 21, at Detroit, Noon
WEEK 17 Dec. 28, vs Carolina, Noon

Sorry but after looking at that, I ain’t scared! Continue reading