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Once a Cardinal, Now a Chick

What up Saints fans! Nola Chick is taking a break, if only for one night, and handing things over to a…(gasp!) Cardinals fan. But wait…don’t reach for the Google button just yet. You see even though the Cards are my roots, I’ve recently been bitten by the black and gold bug.

While I’ve learned a lot about the Saints by covering the NFC for a Fantasy football site, I wasn’t totally sold until February 29th. Before then, something was missing or shall I say “someone”! Then came that fateful day in February. Call it the scale tipper, the confirmer, the DARN straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m talking about the signing of Jonathan Vilma! Ladies and gents, from that day forward the fat lady had sung. I’m sold on the Saints!

As a pseudo Vilma stalker turned “black and gold” convert, you can bet I’ll be glued to every Saints game, keeping track of my boys and watching to see how we fix our “ish”…as in some serious issues! “Issues like what?” yelled some belligerent drunk dude in the back. Well, allow me to elaborate. Continue reading


Eat Your Heart Out Kevin Garnett

Dear Reggie, DON’T DO IT!!!!

While recently flipping through the pages of US weekly, (don’t worry, I just read it for the pictures) I recently stumbled upon an article about Reggie Bush and his media whore girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  In the article, the skank bag, oh wait, we can get sued for that… the “alleged” skank bag gushes about her relationship with Bush and hints that wedding bells are just around the corner.  To that I yell, (while running toward him in slow motion) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Continue reading

Girls Like This Give Chicks Like Us a Bad Name

I had so much fun watching this year’s NFL draft in my midriff top and daisy dukes and brushing my streaked, blonde weave while mispronouncing the name of New Orleans. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. It was the Fantasy Sports Girl.

While we know it would be hypocritical for Reggie oglers like the Chicks in the Huddle to judge the folks behind fantasysportsgirl.com for using a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A, we can’t help but judge the folks from fantasysportsgirl.com who’ve decided to use a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A. The website sells sex about as subtly as Jenna Jameson. Continue reading

Chick Clicks: Brought to you by the NFL Man Boobs of the Week

Featured Man Boobs: Matt Leinart

Team:Arizona Cardinals
Position: Quarterback
Estimated Cup Size: ‘B’

And now, your Sports Headlines:

Will Smith, the other Man in Black, is officially back with the Saints. Smith and the Saints agreed to a six year, $70 million deal. That makes him the third highest paid defensive end in the league. Below are his stats according to the National Post sports ticker.

“Since becoming a full-time starter in 2006, Smith has registered 121 tackles, 17 1/2 sacks, five forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries. In 2006, he had a career-best 10 1/2 sacks and was named to the Pro Bowl.”

You can get the complete scoop on this million dollar man from Jimmy Smith (no relation) at the Times Picayune.
Continue reading

Goosebumps Anyone?

Indy Chick “Chick Chats” with a Colt

Raheem Brock is a key player for one of the strongest defensive teams in the NFL. A seventh year DE for the Indianapolis Colts, #79 is now proving he’s more than just a powerful player, he’s also a big giver.This weekend the star is in his hometown of Philadelphia hosting his 2nd Annual Celebrity Weekend to benefit Brock’s Kids and the Raheem Brock Foundation.
I got a chance to talk with 6ft. 4’ – 274 lb Brock, about turning 30, starting his own foundation…and oh yeah ladies, he’s taken!

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