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Indy Chick “Chick Chats” with a Colt

Raheem Brock is a key player for one of the strongest defensive teams in the NFL. A seventh year DE for the Indianapolis Colts, #79 is now proving he’s more than just a powerful player, he’s also a big giver.This weekend the star is in his hometown of Philadelphia hosting his 2nd Annual Celebrity Weekend to benefit Brock’s Kids and the Raheem Brock Foundation.
I got a chance to talk with 6ft. 4’ – 274 lb Brock, about turning 30, starting his own foundation…and oh yeah ladies, he’s taken!

#79 – Defensive Tackle
Temple University GraduateDrafted 2002 by the Eagles, Signed as a Free Agent with the Colts

IndyChick: There’s an interesting parallel between you and your father’s football careers: (Brock’s father is Zachary Dixon, a running back who went to Temple, and was in the NFL from 1979 to 1984. He played for the Broncos, Giants, the Eagles, Baltimore Colts, and the Seahawks.)

Raheem Brock: “It’s just a coincidence to me…I always liked football… I played other sports, but I liked football. He’s definitely one of the main reasons. He gave me a lot of advice about football when I was younger, but then it was just me and my mom.”

IC: When I was preparing for this interview I was reading some of your stats: sacks/ QB pressures/ batted passes: Out of all of your stats: which one is the most important to you?:

RB: “Sacks is the most important. Every lineman is judged by the number of sacks he has. I try to get double digit sacks every year, but it’s hard the way they block us now, they block us now 7-4”

IC: What’s it going to take to get back to the Superbowl?:

RB: “Keep working hard, stay consistent. Last year, injuries on defense hurt us more than anything. We have young guys coming up, we just have to get them up to speed to where we are.”

IC: I know you had a record number of consecutive starts in the NFL, when Colts coaches decided you needed to sit out a game against the Chargers, was it tough to have to sit out?

RB: “It was kind of tough to just sit on the sidelines. They were trying to save us for the playoffs, so we wouldn’t be banged up going into the playoffs.”

IC: Happy Early Birthday! How do you feel about turning 30? (Brock’s birthday is June 10th):

RB: “I’m not worried about it. I’m more focused than I was, but I still feel young! (laughs) I think women worry about age more than men.”

IC: What are your goals for this season?

RB: “I’d like to finally get those double digit sacks. I’d like to get to the Pro-bowl, I’d like my team to win our division. And of course, then get another Superbowl ring.”

IC: What do you do when you just relax?:

RB: “I play X-Box, I like to spend time with my family. Me and my girl like to get away.” (yes ladies, he’s happily off the market!)

IC: Tell me about Brock’s Kids/Raheem Brock Foundation:

RB: “Brock’s Kids is my charity that I started last year. We work with kids through athletics and literacy. We have a fundraiser, celebrity bowling events, and we’re going back to my old high school, Dobbins, to talk to the kids.”

IC: Why is it important for you to give back?

RB: “I was already trying to help out the community where I could. I started out just giving out 2 scholarships at my high school…and I talked to a lot of people who said I should try to start a foundation so that I could help more and do more.”

IC: Tell me about your celebrity weekend:

RB: “We are having all kinds of events, and a lot of my friends are coming out to help raise money. Including my whole d-line from the Colts, several Eagles players including Westbrook, some of the 76ers, including Iguadola…and lots more.”

Favorite Places to eat in Indy/ Philly: Bonefish in Indy, Warmdaddy’s in Philly.

Favorite pastime: Playing X-box nba 2k8 – I stay away from Madden, that jinx is terrible!

What’s in your I-pod? – Biggie/ Jay-z / Tupac/ L’il Wayne / Mary J, I like the 90’s music.

If you weren’t a football player, what would you be? I would own my own business.

Favorite Car: Bentley the spur

Player you admire most: I grew up watching the Eagles, so all the Eagles players.

_ Indy Chick


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