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Girls Like This Give Chicks Like Us a Bad Name

I had so much fun watching this year’s NFL draft in my midriff top and daisy dukes and brushing my streaked, blonde weave while mispronouncing the name of New Orleans. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. It was the Fantasy Sports Girl.

While we know it would be hypocritical for Reggie oglers like the Chicks in the Huddle to judge the folks behind fantasysportsgirl.com for using a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A, we can’t help but judge the folks from fantasysportsgirl.com who’ve decided to use a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A. The website sells sex about as subtly as Jenna Jameson.

Do these ladies know their sports? Well, we certainly know this one in the video can read a cue card. So that’s promising, right? Plus, she said “tight ends” and “holes” in the same sentence, so if nothing else her analysis is worth a good grade school chuckle. Throw in some camel toe and we just might have given this video a “thumbs up” on our “thumbs up” or “middle finger” rating system.

And before we run the risk of sounding like haters, let it be clear that we LOVE hot chicks who know sports. Just check out The Ladies, or Yankees Chick, or The Sports Diva, or the Gridiron Goddess or any number of female run sports blogs. What we loathe is when hot girls exploit themselves to make it in the sports media world instead of exploiting the hot schweaty athletes who have earned the honor of being stared at, admired, and jerked off to on a lonely Saturday night when your boyfriend’s out of town…or so we hear.

We checked out the site and it does seem like at least some of the girls know what they’re talking about (or the dude who wrote their posts for them does.) Still, we can’t help but wonder if:

a) the so-called “Saints” girl truly knows the difference between Sedrick Ellis and Ellis Marsalis

b) how many takes it took her to get out DeMario Pressley’s name

c) if those coochie cutters she’s wearing lead to a yeast infection.

Thank you Chef Who Dat for tipping us off to the Jessica Rabbits of fantasy sports. May they continue to sully the good name of genuine female sports fan sites and provide hours of chicken choking inspiration for sports fans and sex addicts everywhere.


2 Responses

  1. game, set, match. thank you.

  2. I watched one of those before…just one, that was painful enough.

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