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Scoop on the Coop

Ever been to a Saints game and saw a slightly drunk chick yelling her lungs out at a 300lb linebacker? If she was undeniably adorable, it was probably one of us…

Nola Chick a.ka. The Head Chick a.k.a Shaneika

Chick Pick: Who Dat asked me that crazy question? Dem Saints Baby!

Years as a Fan: That all depends. Can embryos be fans of something?

Chick Bit: Known for rage-ful outbursts, commitment to game day beer drinking, and overall zest for all things black and gold

Chick-A-Dee, a.k.a. Denise, Contributing Writer

Chick Pick: Never nobody but dem Saints

Years as a Fan: 4 Ever

Chick Bit: Her family hosted Archie Manning for dinner at their home when this chick was 8 years old. (And she’s got the picture to prove it!)


Desert Chick aka Rhonnie

Chick Pick: Cardinals, Saints, and more importantly, Jon Vilma.

Years as a Fan: When you’re a military brat like this Chick, being a fan of anything long term gets tricky.

Cardinal: 2 years. Saints: Since Vilma signed.

Chick Bit: This chick is a former Homecoming Queen at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2004.) Biggest highlight, getting to walk out of the tunnel and on to the field during a game being broadcast on ESPN.

Indy Chick, aka Lori, Contributing Writer

Chick Pick: The Colts

Years As A Fan: When you grow up in Indianapolis, do you really have a choice?

Chick Bit: Named one of Ebony Magazine’s top Bachelorettes in 2005. (Not football related, but just cool to note)


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  1. So glad to have found you! Keep up the great work – love your site!

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