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Eat Your Heart Out Kevin Garnett


Deuce Gets Sacked!

Vodpod videos no longer available.from www.bustedcoverage.com posted with vodpod

Enjoy the wedding video of Dulymus and Danielle Tipton! (Hurry, before it gets yanked off the internets again!)

UPDATE: Too late ladies. The video’s been removed! But take my word for it, it was lovely…

Game Changers


Those of us who enjoy players like Troy Polamalu making football games feel more like Pantene commercials better look for another way to get our jollies. NFL owners are meeting this week to discuss, among several rule changes, a ban on exposed hair.  If the new rule is approved, those lovely lady locks would have to be tucked away under a player’s helmet. 

All we can say is thank goodness Steve Gleason retired before this one saw the light of day. 

Other proposed rule changes are not quite as “hairy”, such as letting wild-card teams with better records than a division leader get home-field advantage.  There’s also a proposal to prevent the Browns v Ravens nail-biter of last season and allow instant replays on field goals.

While all these proposals are adorable, we think they barely scratch the surface of what the NFL should be doing to change and improve the game.  The chicks offer our own proposed rules for a better game watching experience…after the jump! Continue reading

Dear Mr. Gleason: “Baby, You’re the Greatest!”

gleason-2.jpg                               gleason-action.jpg                   steve-gleason.jpg

Picture it: New Orleans, 2006.  The Saints are back in the Superdome for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.  The energy is explosive.  The fans (like me) are insanely drunk and near rabid.  And the home team is taking on its long time nemesis, the Atlanta Falcons.  Are you picturing it?  Do you feel the energy?  Are your nipples perked?   

Now picture the Falcons on their opening drive going 3 and out.  The unstoppable Michael Vick gets stuffed.  The crowd is on its feet for the first punt of the game.  Then, out of nowhere, a long-haired beast in black and gold comes bursting through the line, untouched, and heads straight for the unsuspecting punter.  He hits the ball and knocks it right into the end zone where the Saints recover for the first touchdown of the game.  Saints fans that were nearly breathless with excitement are now in wide-eyed amazement.  They can’t help but ask themselves “is this even real?”   

That night in the Dome is one I’ll never forget.  Which is why it truly saddens me to hear the news that Steve Gleason, the man who helped set the tone for that emotionally charged ass kicking of the Falcons, is retiring from the NFL.  Gleason’s apparently decided to get married and travel the world.  He’s decided to enjoy his money before he’s too old and his knees are in jeopardy of falling off.  (Selfish prick.) Continue reading

Define “Hero”

Immaculate receptions, home runs at the bottom of the 9th, and half court shots, right at the buzzer, have often times been the measure of what makes a hero in the world of sports.  But there are also those rare instances when an athlete’s heroic courage is not the stuff of a Gatorade commercial.  Former NFL linebacker Al Chesley is evidence of that. 

Chesley, who played for the Eagles in the late 70s and early 80s, revealed this week that he had been the victim of sexual abuse as a teenager.  It took him decades to finally get the guts to speak openly about his painful past.  And even though his revelation comes too late for criminal charges to be filed against his accuser, Chesley says he did it to encourage other young victims to come forward. 

Forget Vince Papale Eagles fans, this guy’s your “Mr. invincible.”  Continue reading

Look Before You Leap


It’s February 29th, a day that only comes once every Leap Year.  Legend has it that today is the only day of the year when a woman is allowed to propose to a man.  It’s also the day when hundreds of brides line up outside Filene’s basement looking to get a good deal on a discounted wedding dress. 

Leap day, a day of courting and good deals.   Oh yeah, and it’s also Free Agent Friday.  That can’t be a coincidence. 

The question of who the Saints might be courting is really a question of what the Saints need.  Yes, we need a secondary.  Sure, we could use another good wide receiver, as Colston can’t keep doing it alone.  But we also need some help with our defensive front four.  Sure our O-line can be a little inconsistent, but not enough to load off a bunch of salary cap dough on a talented free agent.  Continue reading

Chick Clicks

More drama for LSU’s popular Perril-loser..from nola.com.

A Giant bags a trophy of a different kind…from bossip.com.

From Yahoo Sports, Keyshawn Johnson and Rocky have something in common:  they don’t know when to say when.

The guys at Sports by Brooks break the news on Dolphins stud Jason Taylor’s double duty as a twinkle toes. 

And an ESPN outsider on hard times in the Big Easy.

Plus, did anyone happen to catch Michael Strahan on The View this morning.  I was watching it with the sound down but I did happen to notice the View women putting some weird choking type device around his neck in what I can only assume was some bizarre, ratings grabbing S&M ritual.  If you know where we can find the video, feel free to drop a line!