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Ready For His Close-up

For all those who found themselves tossing and turning at night wondering what Jon Vilma would look like in his black and gold Saints uniform, sleep easy my pretties. Jon finally wrapped up his photo shoot with the team and the Saints new defensive “hot shot” turned out some hot shots soon to be added to his website. Check them out for yourself…((Getty Images))


And the Sexiest Woman Alive is….


Tom Brady?!   

Confused?  Let’ the folks at Awful Announcing  make it all better.

Sideline Sexy: John “Blue Eyes” Clark


Who he is…Sports Reporter in Philadelphia, PA.

Where You’ll See Him…Keeping crazed Philly sports fans in the loop as an anchor/reporter for NBC10.

Where You Won’t See Him….On a list of reasons as to why Philadelphia was listed as a city with the LEAST attractive people in the country.

Team Picks…He’s a Philly Boy. What do you think?

Why He’s Hot…Besides being a 6 foot 6 tall drink of water, John’s also an active volunteer for the Special Olympics. John’ brother is mentally handicapped and an active participant in Special Olympics. His brother’s involvement inspired John to get involved with the organization. Besides that, he was secure enough to don a lovely Jolly Green Giant getup while co-hosting the NBC 10! Show this Halloween.

How He Stays in Shape…Tennis a few times a week, hitting the gym, and racquetball.

Where Can you Stalk Him…John’s all about the music. He tries to take in at least one concert a week. When he’s not moving and grooving, he’s hanging out with friends or taking in a movie.

Sideline Sexy:Nischelle “The FOX” Turner


Oh what, you can’t call another Chick sexy without being labeled a DeGeneres? Well for your information, we’re only into guys (well, except for that one time in college, but it was after five birthday shots. And we’re pretty sure she had a slight mustache, if that helps…) Anyways, we just happen to be secure enough in our Chick-inimity to celebrate a fellow hottie who knows a thing or two about playing with the big boys.

Who is She: Reporter at FOX 11 in Los Angeles, CA

Where You’ll See Her: On the sidelines for FOX NFL games. She debuts this Sunday during the Saints v 49ers game.

Where You Won’t See Her: awfulannouncing.blogspot.com.

Her Team Picks:New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Mizzou Tigers

Why She’s Hot:This Missouri native refuses to let Hollywood’s hot air go to her head. She’s also a football fanatic to the core. On game days, you’ll catch her sporting fleur-di-lis earrings and perhaps a matching blinged out bracelet. 

How She Stays Hot:You can’t grow up in the Midwest without growing a pretty big appetite. So to keep her bod “beach ready”, Nischelle works out 5 days a week. Her routine includes 20 minutes of cardio, circuit training and weight lifting.

Who’s She Dating:We know the answer, but “we’ll never tell…”

So Where Can You Stalk Her?: If you live in LA, check out Good Day LA in the mornings. Nischelle’s also a blogger. She posts on everything from football to politics. On most weekend nights, she can be found at one of the most exclusive spots in Hollywood: her couch.

 Got a Sideline Sexy you’d like to nominate? Email the Chicks.