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Chick Chattin’ With Vilma

Nothing whets a chick’s appetite more than fresh meat!  Just don’t tell that to the Saints’ newest defensive stud-muffin Jonathan Vilma.  Without even having to show off any “T&A”, Vilma has guaranteed the chicks some qualtity “Q&A”.  And since we know we’re not the only ones who want to know a lil sumphin-sumphin, we’re giving you a chance to get all up in Vilma’s grill.  (Sorry, when to sleep with MTV on.)

Just email the Chicks your questions for Vilma or leave them in the comments section. We’ll post the answers to the best questions on the site once the interview takes place. Be sure to include your name in the e-mail so we can give you credit for your oh-so-insightful query. You can make your questions as professional or profane as you please.   (Chef Who Dat, put your thinkin’ cap on…)



New-per Bowl



Our emotions about this year’s Super Bowl match-up: “Ugh” and “Eh.” It’s the New England Patriots and the New York Giants in a battle of two teams with the word “New” in their names. Other than that fascinating fact, we’ll all get to suffer through the next two weeks hearing about the Pats quest for perfection and Eli Manning’s quest for redemption. Yippee!! 

We must admit, midway through the NFC Championship we started shifting our alliances. At first, it was Pack all the way. Then, that underdog spirit in us got fired up. We looked into the “piercing” gaze of Antonio, the fed up a-hole glare of Plaxico, and the puppy dog eyes of Elisha and couldn’t help but want the Giants to pull through. That missed Giants field goal in the final seconds of the fourth quarter almost felt like a punch in the gut. Watching that third try float straight through the middle of the uprights in overtime left us walking on air. We haven’t been that emotional since week 15 of regular season. It was good to feel something again. It felt good to care. 

Analysts and bookies alike give the Giants a snowball’s chance in hell at winning the Super Bowl. But we’re cool with those odds. After all, those same people never thought the Saints could make the postseason after an 0-4 start. Oh wait a minute…

Meanwhile, we want to take this opportunity to send our love to Brett Favre. What a freakin’ man! He didn’t need to make it to the big dance for his season (and possibly career) to end on a high note. In fact, they should make him the spokesperson for the anti-ageism committee. We salute you Silver Bullet! (Not as in the sex toy but as in a gray haired dude with a gun of an arm.) 

Two weeks until Super Bowl 42 and then football goes bye-bye.  Will someone pass us a bucket of morphine before the pain sets in? 

NFL Players Looking to Get Lei’d


In less than a week, we’ll learn which NFL players are headed to Hawaii for the 2008 Pro Bowl game.  We all know the obvious candidates: the Tom “Baby Daddy” Bradys, the Adrian “Catch Me If You Can” Petersons, and the Tony “I’m Banging Jessica Simpson” Romos.  But which of some of the lesser ballyhooed NFL players deserve a shot at post-post season glory?  Furthermore, do any members of the Black and Gold squad deserve a shot on the Pro-Bowl roster? Continue reading

Sean Taylor: 1983-2007



I considered writing an introspective, serious, and carefully constructed piece on the murder of Sean Taylor.  Then, I realized someone had already done it…and way better than I ever could.


But Winning is Everything


 Discussing what happened today in Reliant Stadium will take a certain amount of clear-headed, non-drunken, unexpletive-filled perspective; a kind of perspective we just don’t have right now.  So, in order to avoid the inevitable depression induced coma that comes with reliving that 10-23 ass kicking in Houston, we’re turning our attention to something we can actually respect: A team who found a way to win. Continue reading

The NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Brought to you by Monica Lewinsky’s Stained Black Dress


Hot one week, not the next: that pretty much sums up the Saints and a few other teams who took a slip in the power rankings this week.  They’re going down and getting exposed.  You know a thing or two about that, don’t you Monica? 

#1 Blah, Blah, Blah: They had a bye-week and yet the media still can’t get enough of those Boston Boys.

#2 Packers:  Is it time to finally start believing that Favre is for real?

#3 Cowboys: We’d be happy for you if we didn’t hate you to our very core.

#4 Steelers: Congratulations, your division sucks!

#5 Colts: 6 Manning picks and your clutch kicker misses a field goal?  You gotta think somewhere a blue and white stuffed horseshoe is getting lit up by voodoo pins.

#6 Giants: We’ll call Sunday’s loss “step one” of your inevitable late season collapse.

#7 Jaguars:  See, you’re a good team.  The Saints were just a better team.

#8 Titans: What’s lower, Vince Young’s passer rating or his IQ.?

#9 Lions: Yet another NFC wildcard threat.  Losing streak: activate! 

#10 Chargers: You made the Vikings look like the Patriots and the Colts look like the Bears.  Who are you?

#17 Saints: A convincing win against the Texans could catapult us into the top 10.  Another embarrasing loss, and it may be time to start scouting out our ’08 draft pick.    

Click here for a list of teams not worthy of our time.


Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!


Saints defeat Jaguars 41-24 and advance to 4-4.


LSU back at #2 in AP Poll.