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Dear Reggie, DON’T DO IT!!!!

While recently flipping through the pages of US weekly, (don’t worry, I just read it for the pictures) I recently stumbled upon an article about Reggie Bush and his media whore girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  In the article, the skank bag, oh wait, we can get sued for that… the “alleged” skank bag gushes about her relationship with Bush and hints that wedding bells are just around the corner.  To that I yell, (while running toward him in slow motion) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Continue reading


Reggie Learns to Protect the Ball(s)


Sleep easier tonight all my Reggie fans; #25 just might be smart enough to wear protection off the field.  The sexy Saint was recently spotted at the Sundance Film Festival posing near a condom holder.  And standing next to the condom holder (seen here wearing white) was a Lifestyles Condoms Photo Booth which dispenses a rubber with every picture. (Oh snap!) 

Reggie Bush and Kim “the Tush” Kardashian have been hot and heavy ever since rumors of their engagement started swirling earlier this month.    Kim of course is best known for her reality TV show and a suspiciously released sex-tape made with ex-boyfriend Ray J.  As we’re trying to have a more grown-up approach to our obsession with Reggie in ’08, we’ll refrain from calling her a media-hungry skank-bag sperm dumpster.  Instead we’ll just say, “what a cute couple.”


We Chicks Love Our Gossip….

Breaking News on Reggie’s Bush

Reggie Bush and his bootylicious skank-bag Kim Kardashian have reportedly called it quits! According to mediatakeout.com, Reggie’s now getting his “muscle” warmed up before games by an unidentified blonde bombshell. The two have been spotted at away games in Tampa and this past Sunday in Seattle. But it was just a few weeks ago when Bossip.com published this picture of Hollywood Hussy K-Kard at the Saints v Colts game, servicing hanging out with Reggie’s Mantourage.
With Kim out of the picture, Valtrex is reportedly no longer banking on a Reggie Bush ad deal.

Is This Bunny Out for Merriman’s Carats?
courtesy: Bossip.com
San Diego Charger Shawn Merriman is rumored to be doing a little bed hopping with a Playboy Bunny. The Pro Bowl Linebacker was seen canoodling (my, how we’ve longed to say that word) with Girls Next Door slutlet starlet Kendra Wilkinson. (We wonder if he responds to her “o-face” with the “lights out” dance???)

Brett’s Buzz Kill

Riding high on a winning season and a newly cemented NFL record, Brett Favre is now dealing with some less than positive publicity. On Good Morning America, his wife Deanna admitted to almost leaving him at the height of his alcohol abuse. She says she kicked him out of the house back in 1999 and threatened to divorce him if he didn’t get help.
The whole story is unveiled in her new book “Don’t Bet Against Me.”
It details how the NFL wife overcame her breast cancer diagnosis. Deanna says Brett had her full support to put his drug problems in the book.
In a related story, Brett’s reportedly coming out with his own follow up to the book entitled, “The Pre-Nup Made Her Stay.”