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Once a Cardinal, Now a Chick

What up Saints fans! Nola Chick is taking a break, if only for one night, and handing things over to a…(gasp!) Cardinals fan. But wait…don’t reach for the Google button just yet. You see even though the Cards are my roots, I’ve recently been bitten by the black and gold bug.

While I’ve learned a lot about the Saints by covering the NFC for a Fantasy football site, I wasn’t totally sold until February 29th. Before then, something was missing or shall I say “someone”! Then came that fateful day in February. Call it the scale tipper, the confirmer, the DARN straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m talking about the signing of Jonathan Vilma! Ladies and gents, from that day forward the fat lady had sung. I’m sold on the Saints!

As a pseudo Vilma stalker turned “black and gold” convert, you can bet I’ll be glued to every Saints game, keeping track of my boys and watching to see how we fix our “ish”…as in some serious issues! “Issues like what?” yelled some belligerent drunk dude in the back. Well, allow me to elaborate. Continue reading


Pecs in the City

Sports Illustrated

This weekend’s release of the Sex and the City movie has chicks everywhere about as giddy as a 12 year old boy who just discovered his dad’s stack of “Tits and Tail” magazine. But for these Chicks, this weekend isn’t just about Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. It’s about Reggie, Marques, Deuce, and Will. It’s about Saints minicamp…our first real dose of anything football related in months. So that means, in keeping with our 12 year old boy analogy, this weekend is like finding that “Tits and Tail” magazine, discovering the world of online porn, and unlocking the parental code on an adult movie channel…all in a matter of hours. Oh yeah, we’ve got some major movie/minicamp wood! Continue reading

I Thought I Loved All Things Saints, UNTIL

Simon: “Ab-sol-ute-ly dreadful. I mean really, it made my ears bleed..”

Paula: “Me like cookies.” (Proceeds to bark like a dog)

Randy: “Yo, I don’t know dog. Just keep trying you know. I like your spirit dog, I do. But, this just ain’t your thang.”

Nola Chick: ‘A’ for the wardrobe. ‘A’ for effort. And the rest…well. I always heard if you can’t say anything nice, silently mock those who appall you.

Saintly Superlatives: Part 2

And the winners are…

Best Athlete:

Reggie Bush


Most Likely to Succeed: 

Pierre Thomas

Best Smile: (Nomination Override Courtesy of Grandmaster Wang…good call) 

Hollis Thomas


Best Non Smile:

Deuce McAllister

Class Clown:

Jason David

Most Undeserving of a Superlative of ANY Kind:

Olindo Mare

Best Leadership:

Drew Brees

Best All Around:

Deuce McAllister


Best Hair (Tie):

Steve Gleason & Mike McKenzie (Courtesy of Saintseester)

Thanks to all who voted! As for the MP3 winners, this was a toughie.   But unlike the Democratic primaries, we’re not gonna drag this out.  Congratulations to Garrett Austin for the Jason David “Class Clown” vote and Grandmaster Wang for the Hollis Thomas “Best Smile” shout out!  Send us your info and we’ll send you the goods!

Saintly Superlatives: Part 1

If we were still in high school, this would be the most exciting time in our lives: prom time…graduation time! As we reminisce on that mystifying era in a girl’s life, when she’s choosing whether to give it up in the back of a Tahoe on prom night or flash the principal at graduation, we find it important to pay homage to another nostalgic tradition; the senior superlatives.  Sadly, we find ourselves getting farther away from a time when “senior” meant 12th grade and closer to a time when “senior” means dinner at 4pm.  So, we’re choosing to remix the concept and apply it to our beloved Saints.

Below are our nominees for the first ever Saintly Superlatives.  Be sure to cast your vote in the comments section.  If you don’t see a nominee you like, feel free to write one in and explain why he should be considered.  If we choose your answer, you’ll be eligble to win a free, brand new 1gb mp3 player.  (Alright so it’s not exactly an iPhone, but it’s a start…)  Don’t forget to email me your email address so I can contact you if you’ve won. (It’s chicksinthehuddle@gmail.com)

Best Athlete Nominees:

Reggie Bush, Marques Colston, Mike McKenzie, Charles Grant

Most Likely to Succeed Nominees: 

Pierre Thomas, Robert Meachem, Aaron Stecker, Reggie Bush

Best Smile Nominees:

Reggie Bush, Roman Harper, Mike Karney, Jason David


Best Non Smile Nominees:

Drew Brees, Deuce McAllister, Marques Colston

Class Clown Nominees:

Write In Vote 

Most Undeserving of a Superlative of ANY Kind Nominees:

Olindo Mare, Jason David

Best Leadership Nominees:

Drew Brees, Sean Payton, Deuce McAllister, Scott Fujita

Best All Around Nominees:

Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, Marques Colston


Best Hair Nominees:

Steve Gleason, Martin Grammatica, Tom Benson, Mickey Loomis  

Didn’t see a superlative you wanted to vote for?  Suggest your own and a nominee.  The winners of the superlatives and the winner of the mp3 player will be announced on Thursday!


Jon Vilma on M & M (and M)

I promised it, you asked for it, and thanks to a mid-week energy boost courtesy of the Hornets, here it is. Below is “part deux” of my interview with Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.  It’s all the delicious goodness of a real sports interview, without all the trans fatty f-bombs of a Chris Berman temper tantrum.

Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming to Practice?


Our eyes are twitching, our toes are curled and a wave of shivers is running down our spine.  Either someone just cut off the tequila shots or the Saints have returned to New Orleans for off-season conditioning. 

The 12-week program started on Monday, which included the likes of Scott Fujita and a host of newcomers.  Coach Sean Payton kicked off the off-season program with a news conference where he talked up the team’s commitment to getting in shape and focused.  He also pledged that Reggie Bush would take time out from balancing bowling balls on his girlfriend’s giant ass to grace the team with his presence this off-season.


What a swell guy!  Continue reading