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Girls Like This Give Chicks Like Us a Bad Name

I had so much fun watching this year’s NFL draft in my midriff top and daisy dukes and brushing my streaked, blonde weave while mispronouncing the name of New Orleans. Oh wait, that wasn’t me. It was the Fantasy Sports Girl.

While we know it would be hypocritical for Reggie oglers like the Chicks in the Huddle to judge the folks behind fantasysportsgirl.com for using a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A, we can’t help but judge the folks from fantasysportsgirl.com who’ve decided to use a sports blog to showcase their love for T&A. The website sells sex about as subtly as Jenna Jameson. Continue reading


Sports Talk: In Black and White


Buckle up folks cuz we’re about to break our own golden rule.  For a second, we’re going to put our Reggie drooling, Jason David bashing, Falcons hating ranting on hold to get real.  We’re about to speak the truth –gasp!- about the unspeakable: the bedfellows of race and sports.  

(Warning: This post will include the f-bomb among other naughty words!)

Yeah race has been talked about before, but never before has it felt so relevant.  For those of you who’ve bothered to flip past ESPN or March Madness games in recent days, you’ve probably heard some talk on the topic of race.  But we’re not interested in getting bogged down in the back and forth of the presidential campaign.  We want to shed light on how race isn’t just an entity that creeps into our lives on those occasions when a celebrity makes a racially charged slip-up or when an associate of a public figure does so for that matter.  We want to talk about how race is often times injected (be it unintentionally or quite purposefully) in even the most innocent facets of our lives, including our love of football. 

While recently scouring the sports blogs to catch up on our NFL news (without having to endure the nauseating experience of watching NFL network), we stumbled on a story with seemingly no racial implications at all that seemed to cause an unexpected battle between black and white!  The story on Fanhouse was about Warrick Dunn’s public bad-mouthing of his former Falcons coach Mike Petrino.  Warrick called Petrino a “coward” and accused him of treating Dunn and other players “like kids.”  Dunn went on to say Petrino “wanted everyone to talk at a whisper whenever there was a team dinner, he didn’t like a lot of noise on the plane.” 

Though the article itself was mildly interesting, the real shit-kicker were the comments that followed.  Of course there were the ever-eloquent responses like “Dunn sucks” or “Petrino sucks.”   But somehow, as with many sports posts we’ve read in the past, the conversation turned racial…and ugly!  Continue reading

#1 Draft Picks: Where are they now? 

jamarcus.jpgcarson_palmer_150.jpg mario-williiams-draft.jpg

In an attempt to bring some perspective to the NFL draft and to get some message board a-holes to calm the “f” down, we’ve decided to do a reunion show a` la “Happy Days” to see just what’s become of some recent NFL #1 draft picks.  What we’ve discovered is that contrary to popular and douche-baggy beliefs, it’s not always that top pick that makes the team.  In fact sometimes, that top pick breaks the team.  (No David Carr, of course we don’t mean you.)  Continue reading