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Classin’ Up the Joint…

We’re in the process of classin’ up this joint.  Of course, we wouldn’t be Chicks without trying on a few outfits before finding that perfect one.  Stay tuned for some sass-arific changes (that’s right, we made up a word) over the next few weeks. In the meantime, we’ll keep the highly snarky, yet quite informative posts coming your way…
-Nola Chick

“The Head Chick”


Dear Football Gods: What Did We Do To You?

Final Score: LSU 37 UK 43

Kill me. Kill me now.

It’s Not Nice to Make Fun of Blind People, BUT…

…even the man upstairs would give the thumbs up to mocking Donovan McNabb’s “heartfelt” delivery in this PSA for the visually and hearing impaired.
Is it his fourth grade book report speech pattern that does it for us? The fact that he’s obviously reading the lines off a cue card? Or the penis-esque shape of his head? You be the judge!

Something Disturbing to Get You Through the Day….

Anyone else need a shower?

NFL Week 5: The Chicks Break it Down

Observations from around the league:
Thank you Atlanta, for being the losers we knew you could be.

So much for the quarterback controversy in Arizona. The Cardinals won the game against the Rams, but lost starting QB Matt Leinart to a fractured collared bone. This makes him the 3rd starting quarterback in the NFC West to get sidelined due to injury. Meanwhile, Seahawks starting QB Matt Hassleback was diagnosed with a bruised ego after yesterday’s shutout against the Steelers.

Could L.T. and the Chargers have gotten their groove back or are the Broncos just a bunch of suck bags who can’t move the ball? (Survey says: Too close to call!)

Awe Detroit, it was just like old times!

The Packers lost to the Bears, but at least Favre tied another record! Oh wait, it was for career interceptions. Nevermind…

If the Patriots would just loan the Saints at least 10 of their points every week, we’d be all good!

Tonight’s Monday Night Matchup will pitt Dallas vs Buffalo. In other words, we’ll all get a chance to finally catch up on Heroes.

See, Miracles CAN Happen!

And you thought the Saints couldn’t go 13-3…pish-aw!

Talking the Chick Down

In light of recent events involving the New Orleans Saints, we are currently focusing all our energy on convincing NOLA Chick not to jump.