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Dear Reggie, DON’T DO IT!!!!

While recently flipping through the pages of US weekly, (don’t worry, I just read it for the pictures) I recently stumbled upon an article about Reggie Bush and his media whore girlfriend Kim Kardashian.  In the article, the skank bag, oh wait, we can get sued for that… the “alleged” skank bag gushes about her relationship with Bush and hints that wedding bells are just around the corner.  To that I yell, (while running toward him in slow motion) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Continue reading


A Not-So-Giant Wedding


Ladies, they’re dropping like flies.  First Deuce McAllister tied the knot, now Eli Manning is dragging around an old ball and chain. 

Elisha reportedly jumped the broom over the weekend in Mexico.  (I thought only poor folk like us did destination weddings…)  Manning married his college sweetheart, Abby McGrew in front of 40 of their closest friends and family members.  His brothers Cooper and Peyton shared best men duties.  (Despite Eli’s best efforts, his brother Peyton still beat him out for the title of wedding MVP as voted by the guests, pastor, and paparazzi disguised as palm trees.)  

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An Oldie & A Goody

Paw-Paw Was a Rolling Stone

Either the Saints are going out of their way to get that AARP sponsorship or Jason David sucks that bad. The team just signed on soon-to-be 36 year old cornerback Aaron Glenn. Glenn, who’s been in the league longer than I’ve been out of high school, comes to New Orleans by way of Jacksonville.

Last season he only appeared in five games with the Jags due to an ankle injury. He’s played with five teams over the past 14 seasons. The good news is, he’s a league leader when it comes to career interceptions. The bad news, he saw most of his action when “Friends” was still on “Must-See-TV.”

The Deuce is…Not So Loose

Congratulations to Dulymus McAllister for his weekend nuptials to Danielle Tipton! Deuce looked handsome as ever in his tux at the Saturday service and his new bride is undeniably beautiful! The blushing bride teared up and Deuce even read his own heartfelt, handwritten vows. Click here to check out the touching wedding video.

Vick Scores in Prison


No, we don’t mean he’s found his perfect butt buddy in the form of a prison bitch named “Gerbil.”  He’s actually playing quarterback for the state penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas.  The facility’s kinda like summer camp, except there, the term “roasting marshmallows” refers to holding the new guy’s nuts over a lighter in the back of the mess hall.

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We Chicks Love Our Gossip…


The NFL is bringing crazy back…((NFL.com))

The Cowboys love Romo and ‘roids….((Dallas News))

Packers Fans are going nuts in more ways than one…((Deadspin))

 And the Saints defense can’t catch a ball or a break…((Aol Fanhouse))