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8 Responses

  1. Right. Friggin’. On. How do we get on your blogroll? Saints and LSU reporting? At the same time? At this point, we’re debating marquis or princess…and if you’ll allow us to wed on the beach.

  2. We’re pretty easy (some of us in more ways than one) so all you gotta do is ask. All we ask in return is that you return the favor. Thanks for checkin us out!

  3. Hey nolachick! Add me to your blogroll if you get a chance…


    Stop by again too!

  4. Yep, if you want to kick around matching links, I will be glad to add you, feel free to let me know provided you ever stop by…lol

    I tend to cover pretty much everything, though I keep my stuff off Armchair to avoid double posting now.

  5. two “chrises” in one day.

  6. Hi my name is Ian Hough, and I just discovered your excellent Chicks in the Huddle website, and am wondering if you’d be interested in providing me with some space for text-links. Please respond and let me know how you feel about this, as I would really like to place some links on your site if possible.

    Thank you for your time,


  7. Hello Ladies,

    I feel like a zebra wandering into the Lions Den right now, but here goes nothing 😉

    Anyway, we’re a Chicago based fantasy sports company that’s getting ready to release our Fantasy Football game on July 1st.

    Currently, fantasy sports participation are dominated by males (86% Men & 14% Women) and we’re looking for the right partners to help even out those percentages by assisting our company significantly increasing our female membership & strengthen our brand awareness.

    Our games are innovative, totally unique, fun & cost effective to play. I’m confident that women would love to play our games and prove that they appreciate sports just as much as men do!

    I’d like to connect with someone at your company to see if you would be interested in partnering with our company to assist one another in driving more traffic to eachothers websites to maximize our exposure to our target demographics?

    We’ve made it a point to hire a female columnist for our upcoming fantasy football game, so our audience can get a much needed woman’s perspective on sports and other topics that revolve around it!

    Listed below is my contact information, so give me a call or e-mail me when you get a chance to discuss – thanks!

    Jim DeGeorge
    The All American Home Run Derby, Inc.
    The All American Touchdown Derby, Inc.
    http://www.passitdeep.com (Coming July 1st, 2008)
    http://www.letsgodeep.com (Site is Live)

  8. Hi!
    Love your site – any chance you want to add me to your blogroll and I’ll do the same for you?


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