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By now you’ve already heard the story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still chuckle over it. A former cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ex-contestant on the less violent yet equally disturbing version of “Flavor of Love” known as “The Bachelor” got tossed in the slammer. Was it for a crime of common sense for ever agreeing to marry a man based on a rose ceremony? No my friends. This cheerleader is accused of going b-a-n-a-n-a-s and punching her live-in boyfriend in the mouth in a drunken rage. Inexcusable, unless of course that rage was brought on by LSU’s loss and said boyfriend kept making pig noises to taunt her.

A former Buccaneers cheerleader goes “buc”-wild the week before the team is set to take on the Saints. Gotta mean good news for us, right?

Below are this week’s power rankings.

1. That Boston Team: Just when I was about to uncork my champagne with the ’72 Dolphins, you bastards pulled it out in the end.

2. Packers: Beating up on the Lions has got to get old after a while.

3. Cowboys: When the cheeseheads come to town, your swiss cheese defense is going down.

4. Colts: It’s a sad day when not even the Falcons are afraid to show up against you.

5. Jaguars: As good as you may be, you still won’t win the division.

6. Steelers: 3 points on a crappy field does not a champion make.

7. Bucs: Tell your cheerleaders not to bring their Rocky-like antics to the N.O. The Chicks don’t play that!

8. Browns: What can Brown do for me? How bout shock the world and make the playoffs.

9. Chargers: Your running game is a shell of its former self and  yet you’re still finding ways to win.

10. Seahawks: Oh how we just love the thought of kicking your ass in the playoffs.

15. Saints: They’re ranked 2nd among the 700 NFC teams with a 5-6 record.  That’s gotta mean something, right?

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