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Once a Cardinal, Now a Chick

What up Saints fans! Nola Chick is taking a break, if only for one night, and handing things over to a…(gasp!) Cardinals fan. But wait…don’t reach for the Google button just yet. You see even though the Cards are my roots, I’ve recently been bitten by the black and gold bug.

While I’ve learned a lot about the Saints by covering the NFC for a Fantasy football site, I wasn’t totally sold until February 29th. Before then, something was missing or shall I say “someone”! Then came that fateful day in February. Call it the scale tipper, the confirmer, the DARN straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m talking about the signing of Jonathan Vilma! Ladies and gents, from that day forward the fat lady had sung. I’m sold on the Saints!

As a pseudo Vilma stalker turned “black and gold” convert, you can bet I’ll be glued to every Saints game, keeping track of my boys and watching to see how we fix our “ish”…as in some serious issues! “Issues like what?” yelled some belligerent drunk dude in the back. Well, allow me to elaborate. Continue reading