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Once a Cardinal, Now a Chick

What up Saints fans! Nola Chick is taking a break, if only for one night, and handing things over to a…(gasp!) Cardinals fan. But wait…don’t reach for the Google button just yet. You see even though the Cards are my roots, I’ve recently been bitten by the black and gold bug.

While I’ve learned a lot about the Saints by covering the NFC for a Fantasy football site, I wasn’t totally sold until February 29th. Before then, something was missing or shall I say “someone”! Then came that fateful day in February. Call it the scale tipper, the confirmer, the DARN straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m talking about the signing of Jonathan Vilma! Ladies and gents, from that day forward the fat lady had sung. I’m sold on the Saints!

As a pseudo Vilma stalker turned “black and gold” convert, you can bet I’ll be glued to every Saints game, keeping track of my boys and watching to see how we fix our “ish”…as in some serious issues! “Issues like what?” yelled some belligerent drunk dude in the back. Well, allow me to elaborate.

1. Reggie Bush. I know I know, but hey everyone is wondering!

2.Tracy Porter and the CB conundrum. Make no mistake about it; I’m a Porter fan. In my mock I had him going to Green Bay in the first round so at #40 he was steal. I don’t think Randall Gay is the solution, so I’m putting my money on Porter! (P.S. we are friends on Facebook, and someone mentioned that he is about to be a daddy…shhh, you didn’t hear that from me. I can neither confirm nor deny!)

3. Beloved Saint Deuce McAllister could be asked to carry the weight of the world on his two seriously banged up knees…yikes! So will he be able to bounce back and make an impact? And more importantly, does anyone know the fan discount at his car dealerships?

4. Jonathan Vilma. In Payton’s 4-3 defense, can Vilma return to his rookie season form? The Saints are known for bringing in veteran LBs who prove to be less than serviceable (I hate to call another human being a flop, but if the cleat fits Mark Simoneau…)

5. 7-9, the ultimate “ish”!!! Luckily, this draft class has the potential to be a MEGA improvement. Also, during free agency we addressed some major concerns with some minor acquisitions, so I’m anticipating, no expecting, actually I’m demanding a good playoff run.

(In case you’re wondering why Charles Grant’s legal troubles, didn’t make the “list of ish,” well let’s just say there’s just something “Debby Downer-ish” about indictments and manslaughter.)

The Saints kick off the pre-season here in Arizona (August 7th at 8:00pm) against my BELOVED Cards; yes I said my BELOVED Cards. (A girl can’t forget her roots.) I find myself so conflicted. Is it ok to rock a Vilma Jersey (provided my credit card doesn’t get D-E-N-I-E-D of course) and my Cards baseball cap? You be the judge…

-Desert Chick


5 Responses

  1. * Warning Warning* new ish discovered!!!!! I went to NFL.com in hopes of purchasing a J.Vilma jersey, and to my SHOCK and HORROR I discovered that jerseys range from $75.00-$245.00 dollars, PLEASE add that to the list of ish! Is it ok (or is it tacky) to get a J. Vilma customized T-Shirt from NFL.com instead? That would only run me $25.00…on second thought do you think financial51 donates jerseys to struggling law school graduates???!!!!

  2. yikes! good luck with that desert chick! I say you stick with the t-shirt…or buy a kid’s jersey in a larger size. that’s how the cheap-os like me do it!

  3. I told you you were GENIUS! I normally don’t buy jerseys (as you can see)!! I have a hard time sporting someone’s name (being a walking endorsement) of someone I’ve never met….what if they are a shit bird, a real Mike Vick type, a walking immorality!! I was prepared to get a Fitzgerald jersey UNTIL….he said he didn’t have time for charities??!! I cannot endorse such negativity!

    But this time I think I’m going to make an exception (more importantly I think I would be hot in a jersey, it really is all about me lol!!!!) I know I know, I am SUCH a geek! I’ve been debating a jersey purchase since finals back in April lol, so I guess it’s time to just do it lmao! I’ll check out the kiddies section today..is it cheaper online (nfl.com, or at a random store in the mall?) This is HUGE, I’m getting my first jersey..Jersey Virgin no more!

  4. “Struggling law school graduates…”

    Hrm. Being in law school I can’t say I’m happy to hear that those exist. Not something they tell you while you’re hip deep in reasonable, articulable suspicions.

    On the plus side, if I’d had your photo I could have totally got Sed’s number for an interview.

  5. Monty, thanks for the compliment!

    As for law school, oh boy…there was recently a Wall Street Journal and ABC News tab bit about the “crisis” facing today’s young lawyers (declining job market plus influx of new attorneys.) I went to George Washington in Washington, DC….I’m coming out with roughly $176,000 grand in debt (just from law school) and I currently have no job….and no lol, it’s not just me! A overwhelming majority of my classmates are jobless, and a lot of those that do have jobs just found them within the last few months. Currently, I am studying for the AZ Bar (this blog and my Cardinal’s blog are my relief) so the hope is after I pass the bar (God willing I pass) that I will be able to find a job..so the good news for ya, is that once you pass the bar things are supposed to get a bit easier in terms of job search!

    Although, law is NOT my ambition, passion, or anything REMOTELY of the sort lmao! I’m VERY much into philanthropy and more specifically sports philanthropy…hence, my admiration for J.Vil! So we will see how this EXPENSIVE education will pay off in terms of my actually career goals! Lord bless us law students (current and former) and let J.Vil hire me to host a charity event one day, lol, heck I’ll volunteer for the experience..cause my degrees got me NOTHING! Do I sound bitter?

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